Happy Pawz



Winter was very delayed this year in NE Ohio but it finally arrived.  It was time to get out the winter gear for me and the dog.  Orson has a horse blanket style coat that I really like but will talk about it in a future post.  Today I want to talk about foot wear.  I really like PAWZ.  These are semi-disposable meaning that you toss them out after several uses.  They are like a thick balloon.  It gives good protection from ice balls that form in between the dogs pads, from rock salt that burns and the cold temps.  They come in different sizes from Tiny about $9.75 to X Large about $13.45     Other types of boots like Mutt Luks are very expensive, not particularly durable in my opinion and they fall off.  There is nothing worse than looking down at your dog and seeing that one of the boots is missing and having to back track in the crummy snowy weather trying to find where a boot fell off.  I have never had a PAWZ fall off.  You will want to keep your dog’s nails trimmed.  Longer nails tend to poke through the rubber.

its coat and boot weather
Pawz package

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