Robin Lewis and PT

Hi, Cindy,

I can’t thank you enough for what you have taught PT and me over these last 4 years. It’s now hard to remember PT as the timid little Chinese Crested Powderpuff rescue he was when we first started with Basic Obedience. There was such an enormous improvement in his confidence through Basic Obedience that I immediately signed him up for Clicker Tricks. As you remember, our success in that class was tremendous. Now whenever I pull out the clicker, PT starts dancing about, eager to learn a new trick (see the video of him closing the door to the TV stand on command). And, of course, he absolutely blossomed in Agility classes with you. He not only excelled at learning to run the obstacle course, he also rapidly gained those essential socialization skills that have long been quite the challenge for him. We are also having fun doing drill with your Pooch Parade drill team.

I’ve had many comments from people who are impressed with how responsive to me PT has become thanks to your techniques. I am so grateful that Jack’s Bonnie and Alice told me about you!